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Prediction Details

OKS Stomil Olsztyn vs Olimpia Grudziadz

Poland Liga 1 on Thu 02 Jul 2020 @20:40

Opening Betting Odds:
Home 2.00 Tie 3.30 Away 3.40

Algorithm| Home Away fav| Balanced| Bookmaker fav|

*Balanced: not many parameters are taken in consideration, but result is the most balanced 1 X 2 mix.

league performance

The power level of OKS Stomil Olsztyn and Olimpia Grudziadz in 2020 Poland Liga 1 Championship is perfectly the same. This match can be a great one.

OKS Stomil Olsztyn


Olimpia Grudziadz


home bonus

Because they are playing home, OKS Stomil Olsztyn is favourite. On average, a better performance by Home teams compared to Away is fact-proven.

OKS Stomil Olsztyn


Olimpia Grudziadz

Time and climate change, travelling, lack of fans support, mixed psychological effects can have an heavy impact even on the best football players.

direct matches

Not any recent match between OKS Stomil Olsztyn and Olimpia Grudziadz has been found. There is no data to evaluate the direct matches performance of the two teams.

bet365 odds

Olimpia Grudziadz is quoted more than OKS Stomil Olsztyn. The chance of winning the match are higher for OKS Stomil Olsztyn according to bet365 information.

The bookmaker point of view has been taken into account.

OKS Stomil Olsztyn 2.00


3.40 Olimpia Grudziadz

Loss, short run

Loss matches data does not help this prediction.

goals, short run

Olimpia Grudziadz has scored on average much more goals than OKS Stomil Olsztyn during the last 3 matches, showing a more aggressive behaviour and propensity for win in the short term.

OKS Stomil Olsztyn 0.33


1.33 Olimpia Grudziadz

corners, short run

OKS Stomil Olsztyn and Olimpia Grudziadz have been awarded in average enough corners to make a tie less probable.

OKS Stomil Olsztyn 6.33


4.33 Olimpia Grudziadz

shot on target, short run

OKS Stomil Olsztyn has kicked few shots off target on average during the last 3 competitions, proving to be effective when attacking.

OKS Stomil Olsztyn 5.70


11.00 Olimpia Grudziadz

ball possession, short run

OKS Stomil Olsztyn and Olimpia Grudziadz average ball possession information are insufficient to estimate teams ability to make the play in the short term.

Data Availability Index. The higher the better. It means the calculation is made considering a bigger amount of information.
Safety Index. The higher the better. It means the prediction clearly points out a favourite result among the 3 (Home Win, Tie, Away Win).

Match Predicted Result

Home OKS Stomil Olsztyn favourite.

Data not available for analysis:

  1. Today line-up
  2. Direct Matches
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OKS Stomil Olsztyn - Olimpia Grudziadz on Thu 02 Jul 2020

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