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Skeid Oslo U19 vs Kjelsas U19

Norwegian Junior U19 on Thu 14 Oct 2021

Opening Betting Odds:
Home 2.30 Tie 4.00 Away 2.30
Full Time Score 3-0 (extra time and penalty shootout, if any, excluded)


Home/Aw fav| Balanced| Bookmaker

*Home Away Fav: Most complete, the many parameters considered leads to an overestimation of Home and Away win chance.

base power level

The historic performances of the teams for this type of competition are not available, the opponents will be supposed to start by the same power level.

Skeid Oslo


Kjelsas U19


home bonus

Because they are playing home, Skeid Oslo U19 is favourite. On average, a better performance by Home teams compared to Away is fact-proven.

Skeid Oslo


Kjelsas U19

Time and climate change, travelling, lack of fans support, mixed psychological effects can have an heavy impact even on the best football players.

direct matches

Not any recent match between Skeid Oslo U19 and Kjelsas U19 has been found. There is no data to evaluate the direct matches performance of the two teams.

bet365 odds

The bookmaker prices are not helping for this match result prediction. Skeid Oslo U19 and Kjelsas U19 have similar odds, the prediction will be probably affected by a bigger uncertainty.

points, short run

Skeid Oslo U19 has collected much more points over the last 3 matches than Kjelsas U19.

Skeid Oslo
U19 7


3 Kjelsas U19

goals, short run

Skeid Oslo U19 has scored on average more goals than Kjelsas U19 during the last 3 matches.

Skeid Oslo
U19 3.33


2.00 Kjelsas U19

corners, short run

Skeid Oslo U19 and Kjelsas U19 have been awarded almost the same corners on average over the last 3 matches. No data is available to evaluate teams offensiveness in the short term.

Data Availability Index. The higher the better. It means the calculation is made considering a bigger amount of information.
Safety Index. The higher the better. It means the prediction clearly points out a favourite result among the 3 (Home Win, Tie, Away Win).

Match Predicted Result

Home Skeid Oslo U19 favourite.

Real Result 3-0 kick-off Thu 14 Oct 2021 @ 20:15

Bet Result WIN

Too late to insert your bet, betting simulator only accept events until 1-2h before the start. Live or about to start matches are not eligible for the game.

Data not available for analysis:

  1. Today line-up
  2. Direct Matches
  3. League standing
  4. 5 match points
  5. 10 match points
  6. 5 match goal
  7. 10 match goal
  8. 5 match corners
  9. 10 match corners
  10. 3 match average Shots on Target
  11. 10 match average Shots on Target
  12. 3 match average Possession
  13. 10 match average Possession
  14. 3 match average Yellow Cards
  15. 10 match average Yellow Cards
  16. 3 match average Fouls
  17. 10 match average Fouls
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Predictions detail and match result Archive

The current page is a report of the last analysis and prediction over the match Skeid Oslo U19 - Kjelsas U19, that has been already played on Thu 14 Oct 2021, with final result 3-0. It is still possible to compare the prediction with the real match result: the full time result and the bet outcome are shown.

Skeid Oslo U19 - Kjelsas U19 score 3-0 on Thu 14 Oct 2021, stats and result.

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#Skeid Oslo U19#Kjelsas U19

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