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Why this page?

A big part of provide information not directly related to betting in the gambling sense of the word. Betting odds are reported as part of the dataset used for the predictions. It is open to anyone and free by any type of advertising.

Some other parts, like the betting ROI analysis or the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga highlights are more focused on the gambling part of betting.

Sure to offer an useful service to those particularly interested, on these pages commercial offers by relevant Bookmakers Companies will be published. These offers could include but not be limited to monetary promotions in case of registration to their websites, improved betting odds, live betting odds.

And then?

Due to the particular nature of gambling, and extremely eterogeneus international regulations, if you wish to continue the navigation on those pages you will be prompted to accept the following Advertising Policy:

  1. You declare to have the legal age and legal right to access to from the location in which you find yourself at the moment of the connection.
  2. You release from any responsibility deriving by the use of the services offered by this website or by third party websites.
  3. You declare you consider betting a pure entertainment, aware of the risk related to gambling. For more information and help please visit the Be Gamble Aware organization.
  4. You accept to record your IP and decision.
  5. You accept to record your click (IP, banner type) on advertising banners offered inside of the website.
  6. You accept to provide site wide advertising.


You can accept the Advertising Policy when prompted on a particular page, or always by accessing this page. If you accept the Advertising Policy a database record will be created, containing the IP address, the datetime and the acceptance. A flag will be set in the local storage of your web browser that will turn on the Advertising site-wide.

You will be always able to change your preference about the Advertising on this webpage. After the first positive decision, any subsequent change is recorded. The information collected are usually stored no longer than 6 months.

this is your actual preference:

It will be always possible to change your preference on this same page.

Effective July 7 2020.

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