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football Countries best bets. Find the most profitable bets with this planner providing return on investment and useful football stats for worldwide football Countries.

Football Matches outcome predictability performance according to Country

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*Home Away Fav: Most complete, the many parameters considered leads to an overestimation of 1 and 2 winning bets.

CountryWin RatioROIWon BetsTotalHomeTieAwayLast
Burundi62.6% 20.9% 19 33 11 2 6 2020-06-24
Turkmenistan66.3% 8.3% 51 77 28 1 22 2020-06-17
Taiwan74.1% 4.5% 20 27 8 0 12 2020-06-27
Mongolia63.2% 3.3% 67 106 32 0 35 2020-07-01
Nicaragua55.3% -0.3% 266 499 182 3 81 2020-05-10
Switzerland56.1% -2.4% 556 1110 296 25 235 2020-07-01
Albania57.7% -3.3% 268 526 168 13 87 2020-06-28
Kazakhstan50.5% -3.7% 533 981 341 13 179 2020-07-01
Faroe Islands51.0% -4.0% 130 225 72 5 53 2020-06-28
New Zealand56.9% -4.2% 593 991 328 8 257 2020-06-28

Top list of the most profitable football Countries and their average betting performance indexes (Win Ratio: Percentage of win Bets, R.O.I.:Return On Investment), calculated considering unitary bets, placed early (Starting Bookmaker quotation), on the whole time period available by data.

The table can be filtered (now: Countries) according to the reference Country, the expected Return On the Investment, the desired Winning Chance, the total number of matches considered for the statistics, and the last event date. The bets won according to the predictions, divided into Home Win, Tie and Away Win bets are provided as additional data. The Last field points out the date when the last match considered for these statistics has been played.
By clicking on the main parameter field (Country, League, Team) the list of matches will open up, providing the predictions of the upcoming matches and the results of the previous.

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The Football Best Bets Service

After the football matches have taken place the information about the score are recorded and compared to the expected result. The databases information are refined and aggregated according to various main parameters, like the football League, Team, reference Country and particular match. With a few clicks a complete overview of the betting performance of any football bet group is available.

Best Football betting tips ever!

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